Bob Proctor

2016 Bob Proctor Carnegie Hall event leads to Orlando debut by young African refugee “Jack Ma”

Bob Proctor, from the New York Times best selling book, The Secret, spoke at a special Carnegie Hall event. Mohamadi Tapsoba got a free ticket to the event, and pounced on it.

He met his future mentor, Mike Long, and never looked back.

At the time Mohamadi was living in a $300 per month shared apartment in Yonkers, New York. He had come to America dreaming of an education, not speaking a word of English.

His country, Burkina Faso, plunged into civil war shortly after his arrival. He couldn’t continue with his studies, because his father’s business was looted out of existence in one terrible night.

He couldn’t return, even though he lost his student visa, and was now, and is still, a refugee.

With his back to the wall Mohamadi went to work at a speaker store, stocking shoes. But he didn’t lose his dreams. He studied day and night when he wasn’t working.

Mohamadi heard Bob Proctor’s repeated endorsements of Mike Long and focusing on search marketing.

Today Mohamadi lives in the tallest building in Miami on the 45th floor of an ultra lux condo.

This week he’s hosting his own first live event, in Orlando, one of the very first in the internet marketing world post lockdown, looking to pay it forward!