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When it comes to web development, we take a proactive stance and elaborate on ways to identify less evident business objectives, save expenses, and foresee dangers for your project.

Web Development - Made easy for you!

Web development services support the creation of all varieties of web-based software and provide a positive online experience. To achieve high conversion and adoption rates, Taw Media Group expertly designs, redesigns, and provides ongoing support for customer-facing and enterprise websites.

  • Even with the most experienced agency, you still need to determine if you can maintain a working relationship for the duration of the project. For us, maintaining good client relationships is extremely important, which is why it is at the top of our list of priorities. Instead of merely being a vendor, we want our customers to view us as a partner.

  • You don't want to leave your website to chance as this is your brand. You want to get the most creative bang for your buck—creative that fits your identity and goes above and beyond what's typical in your field. Everything is completed according to your budget and timing constraints.

  • It's crucial to have both depth and breadth. Platform-specific knowledge is extremely essential because different technology platforms have varied strengths and capabilities.

The Web Development Approach by Taw Media Group

  • Site architecture

    At this point, everything needs to be discussed and planned. Workflows. UI. Normative principles. Almost all factors will influence how your site develops. Our company will use this stage as an opportunity to be as thorough as possible in order to prevent any errors or unwelcome surprises during the development process.

  • Examining the design

    With a brief in hand, we now turn the designer and wordsmith loose to begin producing. While pushing the envelope is excellent, we want to make sure that it is done so in a way that adheres to the rules and is consistent with the existing site map and UI design.

  • Bringing the website to life

    It takes time to properly code both the front end and the back end. particularly while utilizing a range of languages (PHP, .Net, Java, HTML5, CSS, and Javascript). To ensure that the site will function properly, you should provide enough time for beta testing. To manage all sorts of development input, a smart agency should be CMS-centric. To maintain the timeline for this stage, we designate a project manager to serve as the client liaison and make sure that all customer feedback is gathered.

  • Check, double-check, and once more

    Making sure that anything you design truly accomplishes its purpose is key. Taw Media Group will therefore go through a lot of checkpoints to make sure we are moving in the right direction, all the way up to the final beta testing when the customer gets to evaluate. But you can always make modifications at any moment.

  • Final takeoff and launch

    When we finish using the site, it's just the beginning for you. Taw Media Group makes a tutorial video because we want to make sure you're ready. A helpful bible that contains CMS instruction that you can use whenever you need to make site modifications or content changes.

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